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8th Apr

Top Five Ways To Maintain a Good Posture While Working

Posture plays an important role in keeping us fit. We realize its significance, especially when we are doing it wrong. The wrong posture causes chronic pain in the back, neck and even arms. The work-from-home regime has led to an increase in screen time among several people. This increased screen time takes a toll on your posture and overall health. 

But you can’t stop working. Can you? 

However, you can always work on your posture and avoid the pain. So, let’s check out the five effective ways you can keep a good posture while working. 

How to Keep A Good Posture While Working At Desks?

The problem with a poor posture is it becomes second nature very quickly. Thus, you may find it hard to adjust to a new posture initially. Here are some ways to tips to improve your posture while you are working. 

  • Stay conscious of your posture 

Most people end up with back pain because they don’t realize their posture is incorrect. It is normal to slouch while checking out Excel sheets on a computer. Extended periods of slouching can cause poor posture and back pain. 

So, you should check in with yourself after every 15 minutes. Take a look at how your body is positioned. You have to readjust if something doesn’t feel right in the way you sit or stand while working.

  • Keep a gentle sway in the back 

Do you work over laptops while sitting on a bed or chair? Then you should sit straight with the hips all the way up against a wall or the seat. Keep a firm cushion in the gap between your lower spine and the seat. 

  • Use your eyes to look down

Most people tend to bring their heads forward toward their devices while working. This is nothing but a wasted movement and takes a toll on your posture. Similarly, you should avoid moving your head up and down without any breaks. Instead of moving your neck, use your eyes while using the laptop. 

  • Maintain a neutral alignment 

Posture problems arise when the alignment of your body is disrupted. Whether you work while standing or sitting, it is essential to keep a neutral alignment to avoid posture problems. 

Let’s say you sit on a chair while working. Thus, sit with a straight back. Your ears, hips and shoulders should be in one vertical line. Similarly, keep a neutral alignment while standing. This helps distribute your body weight throughout the front, back and sides of the feet. 

  • Take breaks and move around 

Working constantly causes not only burnout but also severe back problems. Slouching is the result of muscle tiredness. And muscle tiredness occurs when you sit or stand in the same position for too long. Try taking frequent breaks and moving around for five minutes. This eases muscle tension and prevents you from slouching. 

Practising good posture can make all the difference in your health. It may take some time to incorporate these habits into your daily lifestyle. But it isn’t impossible. You can also consult with physiotherapists to correct your posture or manage back pain. You can bid adieu to plenty of problems once you keep a good posture. 

Need a Physiotherapist in Abbotsford for Posture Correction? 

Our team of physiotherapists has several years of experience in helping people keep good postures. The work-from-home routine has led to several work-related body issues. The posture problem is one of them. The other problems include headaches, back pain, neck ache, etc. We guide you through advanced physiotherapy treatments and therapeutic exercises to help you maintain a neutral posture even while working. 

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