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14th Apr

Five Main Reasons Why Physiotherapy After Surgery Is Highly Recommended

Surgeries are not fun. Getting through one successfully is quite a great deal. But, what’s the next step to recovery? Your body is still weak after the surgery. This is where the role of physiotherapy after surgery comes into play. 

Physiotherapy is an integral part of the recovery process after surgery. It gets your muscles moving again and you back on track. 

Benefits of Physiotherapy After Surgery

Surgeries are often unavoidable when it comes to treating injuries or complicated conditions. The procedure is undoubtedly tedious. Physiotherapy makes the recovery process 10X easier for you. Thus, most medical practitioners would recommend physiotherapy after surgery to quicken the healing process. 

Here are the key benefits:

1. Reduces pain and swelling

Swelling is a common outcome of surgeries. The body tends to heal naturally after surgery causing pain and inflammation. 

What are the physiotherapy techniques used?

  • Massage therapy 
  • Range of movement exercises 
  • Compression 
  • Ice therapy 
  • Electrotherapy 

Physiotherapists assess the area to detect the most suitable exercises or techniques for your natural healing. They focus on improving your range of motion and reducing pain.

2. Improves your mobility and flexibility

Movement becomes a huge problem after surgery. But, it is also important for the healing process. 

Enter physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapists focus on improving your muscle strength, balance and joint flexibility. They prepare an effective exercise program specifically for your quick recovery. 

3. Boosts the natural healing process

The key to quick healing post-surgery lies in better blood circulation in your body. Physiotherapy can help your circulatory system function optimally. 

How do physiotherapists help? 

  • They recommend certain exercises that help push the blood throughout your system. 
  • They may guide you through movement programs to ensure that you restore optimal mobility gradually. 
  • The physiotherapists also prepare some lifestyle changes for improved blood circulation. 

The physiotherapists prescribe specific exercises to improve your circulation. They get oxygen-rich blood flowing into the affected areas. 

4. Prevents further complications

It is needless to say that surgeries are often accompanied by side effects like an infection or blood clots. Consistent physiotherapy sessions can improve your blood circulation and prevent such consequences.

5. Strengthens your muscles

Whether you have been through cardiac surgery or knee replacement, chances are you will feel weak after the surgery. Returning to your normal life can hence be challenging. Physiotherapy strengthens your muscles through patient-centric exercises and therapies.

According to research, physiotherapy after spinal surgery improves your spinal mobility. Similarly, physiotherapy after hip and knee replacement surgery can reduce your hospital stays and help you recover faster

Final Thoughts,

Physiotherapy embraces a holistic approach to treating post-surgery conditions. The treatments and exercises help you heal faster, improve your overall blood circulation, boost your mobility and strengthen your muscles. 

At Legend Physiotherapy, we assess your affected area to detect the underlying cause of your pain. Our experienced physiotherapists prepare a treatment programme accordingly. 

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