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Are you suffering from an Ankle Sprain? Then, don’t need to worry, because We at Legend Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic, offer you highly secure and accurate treatment for Ankle Sprains. it is the most common to all and generally, it happens due the sport or physical activity. We come up with the highest standard Ankle Sprains Physiotherapy in Abbotsford where we provide a personalized approach and comprehensive treatment that helps to recover your affected area in a very secure and fast way. Ankle Sprains occur due to over stretches of tweaking that hold the ankle bones. During Ankle sprains, the patient will get massive pain as well as swelling in the affected part.

Types of Ankle Sprains

Every ankle sprain can cause pain which is a very common symptom but, some stages are divided depending on symptoms and causes. At Legend Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic, examine all stages and identify the actual affected area.

  • Mild Level: The ligament fiber is slightly stretched and small tear. Get a small amount of swelling and light pain.
  • Moderate Level: The ligament fiber will be torn and it will not tear completely. Get the difficulty in movement or motions.
  • Severe Level: The ligament fibers will be completely torn. Getting heavy swelling in the ankle and injury would be painful and also, get difficulty in walking.

What You Can Expect with Ankle Sprains Physiotherapy in Abbotsford

We come up with personalized Ankle Sprain Treatment in Abbotsford, we provide an effective mechanism that is based on your health concern, symptoms, and goal. We have a patient-centric approach with plenty of benefits such as:

  • Injury evaluation & examination: We detect the particular or exact issue after evaluation or assessment of the symptoms and other examination techniques.
  • Morden based Advanced treatment: We apply a range of treatments as per the requirement such as shockwave therapy, balance training, manual therapy, or others.
  • Guidance & Prevention: We educate our patients and provide the techniques to prevent the affected area.
  • Exercise Prescription: We have a comprehensive plan where we offer specific exercises and activities as per the need.

What is the role of physiotherapy on Ankle Sprain Treatment in Abbotsford?

  • Exercise Therapy: Get a comprehensive exercise program where any patient will get improvement, strength, and flexibility in their affected area.
  • Manual Therapy: Using this therapy, the patient can reduce the amount of swelling and manage their pain through various types of physical exercises for the affected area.
  • Balance Training: It helps to improve the waking pattern and prevent future ankle sprains also, we offer plenty of exercises that can heal the pain and increase the range of motion.
  • Morden Therapy: Here get the proper examination of the affected area through ultrasound, pain relief, IFC laser techniques, or other.
  • Guidance: We educate and guide you to prevent ankle sprain pain or swelling that can be future and provide excellent techniques to manage your pain.

At Legend Physiotherapy and Wellness, Get the superior you will find the most qualified physiotherapists in Abbotsford who analyze your condition before creating a specific treatment program for you. We have advanced devices and other equipment required to heal low back pain efficiently.

Why We Are the Top-notch Ankle Sprain Treatment in Abbotsford?

We have an experienced and qualified physiotherapist who provides the highest level of treatment as per the conditions or symptoms. We have a unique mechanism to find the exact and accurate source of the problem and provide the appropriate and relevant comprehensive treatment program that helps to recover the affected area and heal the pain.

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