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Dry Needling Therapy in Abbotsford (IMS)

IMS Intramuscular Stimulation is a treatment method that focuses on relieving chronic pain. At Legend Physiotherapy, our team first assesses your pain through specific techniques. This helps us understand if IMS is the right treatment for you or not. Book an appointment with us if you are looking for IMS treatment in Abbotsford. We have experienced professionals to guide you through the entire procedure beforehand. From chronic lower back pain to muscle tension in the body, IMS treatment can treat a wide range of conditions.

What exactly is the IMS Treatment?

I want to try IMS treatment in Abbotsford but still not quite sure about it.” This is something many people can relate to before they opt for the IMS treatment. So, let’s clear the air about it.

IMS is similar to acupuncture. The professional uses a very thin filament needle to insert into the affected areas in your body. These needles target a compressed nerve root and create a harmless therapeutic injury. The surrounding muscles as a result grab onto the needle. The procedure stimulates healing, relaxes the muscles and helps the nerves function optimally. The tiny harmless injury created by the needle sends signals to the brain to start the healing process. It helps the muscles restore until the entire area is completely healed and free of pain.

Still confused?

Have a word with our team. We will explain all the pros and cons of the IMS treatment to you.

Dry Needling Therapy in Abbotsford (IMS)
Dry Needling Therapy in Abbotsford (IMS)

What Injuries Can IMS Treat?

You may wonder, “I know what IMS treatment is. But, will that help me?”

IMS treatment is effective when it comes to treating any conditions involving physical pain and discomfort. That means if your condition involves tightened or stiff muscles, chances are you will benefit from IMS.

Here are some common conditions where IMS treatment is highly beneficial: 

  • Temporomandibular jaw disorder
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Tension headaches
  • Muscle strains
  • Low back pain

IMS comes in handy when no other treatment works out. It stimulates the healing process and strengthens the affected muscles gradually. If you are thinking, “where can I get IMS treatment near me?”, Legend Physiotherapy is at your disposal.

How many IMS Treatment Sessions Do you Need?

The number of IMS treatments varies from person to person. Our professionals assess the following to determine how many IMS treatments you need:

  • The severity of your condition
  • The duration of your pain
  • Development of your scar tissue
  • The self-healing rate of your body

The sooner you start the IMS treatment, the quicker you will recover. Deeply rooted pain takes a longer time to heal whereas recent pain may heal within two treatments.


  1. Is the IMS treatment painful?

You may feel a slight discomfort initially after the IMS treatment. But, the discomfort fades after a few days. Also, the professional may recommend you drink lots of water or apply heat to get rid of the discomfort faster. So, there’s nothing to panic about if you feel a little bit sore after the IMS treatment.

  1. Why do people need IMS treatment?

You may need IMS treatment when no other treatment seems to help you relieve the chronic pain. The IMS method stimulates the natural healing process of your body and is highly effective in treating various forms of chronic pain.

  1. Does IMS make the pain worse?

IMS is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat chronic pain. It is normal to feel a little bit sore after the first few treatments. But, you will notice an improvement in your health gradually. IMS doesn’t make the pain worse. It relaxes muscles and releases muscle tension.

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