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We are one of the trusted physiotherapy centers in all the Abbotsford and bring with us best-in-class concussion therapy that is only evidence-based techniques and handled by highly specialized and experienced Concussion therapists. If you want to rid of headaches, visual disturbances, memory loss, dizziness, and cognitive, and balance issues then, start concussion therapy and get 100 percent recovery without much more effort. We have a proper strategy for assessment and quality management techniques to get the ongoing successful ratio. We believe in highly effective treatment and consider all types of requirements for all ages. We Concussion Treatment in Abbotsford comes with in-depth analysis and provides the best possible healing within a very short period.

What is Concussion Therapy?

Concussion arises from the TBI called traumatic brain injury. That can be generated through a bump, jolt, and blow. Also, concussion therapy is the medical approach that can easily treat the loss the balance symptoms like coordination, concentration loss, and balance. It helps to resolve physical as well as mental help and increase strength with very little time. Concussion Therapy performs or treats through highly experienced and certified concussion therapists with proper measurement and diagnosis.

What is Concussion management?

Concussion is a neurological or traumatic brain injury and it can only be treated by symptoms. It comes under the management program which covers all the goals with step-by-step treatment and guidance provided by the concussion therapist. Here patient will get the multidisciplinary process that covers all the symptoms after performing the effective diagnosis and assessment program. The overall motive of concussion management is to provide effective treatment, and guidance to the patient and generate the healing process in the affected area.

Major Impact of the Concussion Treatment in Abbotsford

Concussion does not just provide physical improvement rather; it resolves chemical imbalances. Also, it offers optimal comfort and long-lasting relaxation. We are one of the best Concussion therapists in Abbotsford that is based on the targeted treatment plan to recover any kind of critical or complex brain injury in a very short time. We have highly experienced and skilled Concussion therapists who can design effective treatment plans after various assessments. Just, read the below pointers and get the impactful treatment of the concussion.

  • Instant Recovery & Rest: Concussion therapy in Abbotsford, is based on very limited physical activities and exercises. Also, patients will get a sufficient amount of rest during the healing program, and patients will realize the recovery from their pain.
  • Reduced the Amount of Pain: Concussion comes with intolerance of neck as well as head pain. Joining the concussion treatment in Abbotsford will provide instant recovery from pain or headache. Also, we provide effective therapy through massage, electrical stimulation, and eye exercises.
  • Restore the Functionality: Concussion therapy can rid the fatigue or weakness in the body and generate strength where anyone can come back to normal life.

Common Conditions treated under the Concussion Therapy in Abbotsford

  • Chronic headaches Concussion: It generates from mild traumatic neuro or brain injury that can easily be recovered under the concussion therapy Abbotsford.
  • Feelings of nausea: if you are feeling nauseated don’t need to worry, just you can rid via concussion treatment where you will get rest, activities, and pain management medication.
  • Blurred vision: If you want to eliminate your blurry vision and improve your vision quality then, you must go with concussion treatment, here you will get special lenses, exercises, and complete vision therapy.
  • Constant fatigue: If you wish to reduce your fatigue and manage your stress level then, you can join the concussion therapy Abbotsford where you will get mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, and many more things.
  • Depression and anxiety: If your depression is increasing and getting stressed then, you must connect with a concussion therapist where you will get breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and stress management techniques.
  • High sensitivity to light: After a head injury if you are getting the impact or sensitivity from the sunlight then, you must visit the concussion therapy center near Abbotsford and avail of Vestibular therapy, gentle exercise, and other things.

Is Your Treatment Covered by ICBC Concussion?

You must avail of the coverage of the ICBC concussion therapy in Abbotsford because it covers all your treatments but, before going with ICBC, you must be aware of the procedure to avail of the ICBC concussion. Just, connect with a highly dedicated and experienced team that will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and customized treatment plans or coverage under the ICBC claims.

What You Will Get from Our ICBC Concussion in Abbotsford?

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis: Our highly experienced experts will provide accurate results after proceeding examination.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We work only for our patients that’s why, we make a customized plan where all the requirements will be covered within a very short period and get a complete recovery. Also, we add some complementary therapies namely healing programs, and cognitive and therapeutic management that provide healing from the root.
  • ICBC Coverage & Claims Help: We offer best-in-class concussion treatment in Abbotsford and try to provide everything. Our highly dedicated and certified concussion therapists are eligible to provide suitable ICBI claims with proper documents.

ICBC concussions assist people who the injuries from car crashes and also, get ICBC coverage after accurate diagnoses, and treatment plans.

Additional Benefits of Concussion Therapy in Abbotsford BC?

Patients will get different symptoms after head injury. Also, they can experience blurry vision issues, vestibular issues, or other similar problems. Here we provide the other therapist under the concussion treatment at Abbotsford. Such as:


Vestibular Therapy

Here concussion therapist will resolve the balance problem through responsibility and balance training. Also, they will develop an effective treatment plan where your vestibular issue will also be resolved.


Exertion Therapy

During the concussion treatment, the patient will face some pressure or exertion but, before completing every session, we provide a specific stress-free exercise that can easily manage the exertion.


Visual Therapy

If someone is facing vision vision-related issue due to a brain injury so before increasing it, just avoid the vision-improving therapy with special lenses, exercise, and training.

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