TMJ Dysfunction

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TMJ dysfunction is also called temporomandibular joint dysfunction and the patient can feel difficulty such as chewing, jaw, and frequent headaches, etc. It generates due to plenty of factors or causes namely injury, misaligned teeth, and factors. We are one of the highly creative for TMJ Treatment Abbotsford, we understand the pain, problem, and impact that can have on your daily life. We are here to recover or relief through our best-in-class technology and methodology. We have an excellent team of physiotherapists who can eligible to heal any kind of TMJ problem after applying various examinations and suitable treatments including massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises. We offer a personalized treatment program where we alleviate your pain and improve TMJ Dysfunction from the root.

Symptoms of the TMJ Dysfunction

You will feel the pain as well as tightness in the area of the jaw which would be the first sign or symptom of TMJ dysfunction. But, the symptoms might be different depending on the patient’s Age group. Here are some major symptoms of the TMJ Dysfunction:

  • Your Jaw would be noisy or your teeth are grinding
  • You would face difficulty opening or closing your mouth.
  • Your jaw would be clenched.
  • Headaches as well as dizziness.
  • You will feel pain in the upper neck portion and many more.

Therefore, if you are experiencing the same then, you must avail of TMJ Therapy Abbotsford.

Actual Causes of TMJ Dysfunction

Patients can face multiple causes of TMJ Dysfunction but, most cases can see it can happen due to excessive or overuse strain on the portion of the jaw joints and muscles. Apart from that, there are certain medication issues namely bowel syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia that can also be the major causes of TMJ dysfunction.

  • Due to the old arthritis problem.
  • Old injury on jaw joint or muscles.
  • Bad alignment of the bite.
  • Gapping and grinding teeth.
  • Overuse of the joints of the jaw and so on.

We bring up plenty of options for the TMJ Treatment Abbotsford that can easily reduce your pain and quick recovery from the TMJ. We have an excellent assessment technique that can easily find the best possible solution for TMJ dysfunction.

What You Will Get on TMJ Therapy Abbotsford?

We have various techniques and unique methodologies that assist you regain jaw movement back into normal functionality. Our highly enthusiastic physiotherapist offers the best in class treatment that can quickly heal the pain and relax the hard muscles. We offer various types of therapies that can scar tissue tightness and formation. Such as:

  • Freezing: It comes due to the occurrence of the connecting tissue misbalance from the should joints. You can feel the tightness and thickness of the joints.
  • Helps to improve the blood flow or circulation via therapy.
  • Improve the tightness or tension of the muscles via massage therapy.
  • Reduce the pain as well as swelling via Ice therapy.
  • Helps to maintain or manage posture or movement via stretching exercises.
  • Release the scar issues and increase the number of movements of the TM Joints.
  • Assists in providing training and prevention techniques for the future.

At the Legend Physiotherapy & Wellness clinic, we provide an effective treatment plan or program for TMJ Treatment Abbotsford that is based on a personalized approach where we offer results-oriented within a specific time frame.

Why We Are the Leading on TMJ Treatment Abbotsford?

We listen to the actual causes or history of the problem and we have a unique mechanism to treat step by step for the TMJ Dysfunction. We have a skilled and certified team that can able to determine the right problem and provide the appropriate treatment in a very short session. We are very affordable and provide customization with painless therapy for the TMJ.

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