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Move Much Better with Active Rehab & Kinesiology in Abbotsford, BC

Active rehabilitation/ Kinesiology is one of the highly trusted and specialized therapy programs that can easily recover from any critical injury or medical condition. It is based on various assessment techniques that can recognize the area of weakness and provide sufficient therapy. Active Rehabilitation Abbotsford is based on sessions that include customized exercise recommendations, education about pain management tactics, and injury prevention.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is one of the excellent therapies that is based on the human body movement and it is associated with the aging process & disease. Kinesiology can only be handled via Kinesiologists who can provide a customized plan after various assessments, exercise prescriptions, and educate the patient about future prevention techniques. Kinesiology provides step-by-step directions that recover any accidental, chronic, or other medical injury. It helps to increase the range of motion and imbalances the muscles. It can only perform or handle the experienced and talented health experts that can work for any case from the beginning to the end.

About Abbotsford kinesiologists/Active Rehab Therapist

Kinesiologists cater to in-depth knowledge of the body that’s why, they can easily handle any kind of clinical skills, symptoms, and diagnosis of the disability, injury, or illness. Also, they can provide the finest programming and train the patient for future prevention. When we talk about Active rehab here you will be introduced to Physiotherapists. Kinesiologist works under the Physiotherapists. Also, you can take the major sessions from the experienced and specialized Physiotherapists of Active Rehab. Kinesiology/Active rehabilitation comes under the ICBC program and can easily be claimed with some conditions.

What You Will Get Active Rehab & Kinesiology Abbotsford?

Kinesiology/Active Rehab is one of the essential and powerful programs that can easily manage your pain & improve muscle strength, and restore movement. Here are plenty of things that you can easily get under the Kinesiology in Abbotsford.

  • Increase strength: Kinesiology offers highly effective recovery management that can improve strength, neuromuscular coordination, and stability. It can easily generate immunity where any patient can easily manage their work-life balance and increase the strength and capacity of the body.
  • Restore the Number of motions: kinesiologists/Active Rehab is based on instant recovery which is why, the program is well capable of increasing the number of motions. Kinesiology mitigates the muscle’s shortened & contractures and generates the capacity ROM (range of motions).
  • Manage Your Accidental Injury: Kinesiology and active rehabilitation can easily recover any critical car accident injury and return to normal life. If you have the claim option, you can easily claim coverage under the ICBC. Also, the patient can see the drastic changes from the car accident injury restore mobility, and increase the number of motions.
  • Prevent future injury: Any patient can easily prevent future injury through a combination of stretching, physical performance, and learning the best guidance. These factors can easily reduce the risk of injury. Also, the patient can improve their strength and immunity using Active Rehab in Abbotsford.

What You Can See After Kinesiology & Active Rehabilitation Treatment in Abbotsford?

  • Gesture & Postural Correction: Rid from the intolerance pain of the postural or gesture through Active Rehab in Abbotsford. Also, you can prevent it in the future with excellent guidance.
  • Deconditioning After an Injury: Using kinesiology, patients can’t only recover from injury or medical issues rather than, improve poor eating habits, resolve climbing stairs, and increase immunity and strength.
  • Pre/postnatal Training: Using the kinesiologists in Abbotsford BC, patients can improve their flexibility, increase their positive attitude, and increase their muscle tone during the pregnancy period.
  • Work-Related Injuries/ Pain: Rid from any accidental or work-related injury or pain through the Kinesiology program where you can increase the range of motions and resolve any kind of pain from the root cause.
  • Core Stability Program: Using the Active Rehabilitation Abbotsford, we generate core stability in the body after applying various types of exercise and stable movement.
  • Conditioning and Weight Loss: We try to lose fat and pack the muscles through various stretching programs and generate strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Why Choose Our Active Rehabilitation / Kinesiology Therapy in Abbotsford for Wellness?

We offer the highly oriented, dedicated, knowledgeable, and latest kinesiology treatment in Abbotsford. It can only be possible through our highly advanced Rehabilitation techniques and specialized medical expertise.

  • Certified Kinesiologists: We have specialized and highly experienced kinesiologists who cover the best practices deal with any cases and provide a personalized session-based plan. Also, they are capable of recovering any kind of injury or pain improving mobility, and providing long-term stability and prevention techniques.
  • Customized Approach: We are very affordable and available with various plans that can easily personalized as per the needs of the patients.
  • Evidence-based Treatment: We apply a unique methodology that is very safe, and secure and provides 100 percent assurance to recover any complex issue without much more effort. We believe in evidence-based treatment that will based on step-by-step directions.

How Can We Assist Active Rehab & Kinesiology Near Me in Abbotsford?

We are well capable of providing comprehensive assessment and treatment services for the rehabilitation/Kinesiology of people who are suffering from any kind of injury. We have specialized kinesiologists in Abbotsford BC that offer a customized approach. Such as:


Before Your Appointment

On your initial visit, our highly educated kinesiologist will discuss the symptoms, medical history, and reasons. Then, you will get customized treatment plans that will be session-based.


During your Appointment

You will assign a separate team of kinesiologists who will perform various assessment tests to identify the actual area of the issue and weakness.

After completing the assessment, your treatment will start where you will get various pain management techniques and prevention of the injury.


After your Appointment

After completing all the sessions, your pain will be recovered and you can increase the range of the motions. Apart from that, you will get the videos, exercise descriptions, and pictures that will be performed in future activities. Also, you would be able to track your progress.

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