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Kinesiology in Abbotsford

How can I find an experienced kinesiologist near me in AbbotsfordYou have come to the right place if you can relate to this query.

Legend Physiotherapy offers advanced and effective kinesiology treatment in Abbotsford. We have handpicked eminent kinesiologists with years of extensive experience in this field. We assess your health and implement exercise programs accordingly to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you want to recover from workplace injuries, prevent sports injuries or get rid of that lingering chronic pain, our expert kinesiologists have got you covered.

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Looking for Kinesiology in Abbotsford?

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Your well-being and good health are our priorities. Thus, we have brought forth the latest kinesiology treatments and services to help you restore your optimal lifestyle. It isn’t easy to recover from injuries. But, our certified kinesiologists in Abbotsford BC make the recovery process as smooth as butter for you.

Here’s a glimpse of our kinesiology services at our physiotherapy clinic in Abbotsford:

Sports-specific exercises

Our professionals may combine kinesiology and exercise physiology depending on your health concerns. Our kinesiologists use anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, neuroscience and physiology to improve human body movement. Sports exercises are particularly beneficial for athletes looking to improve their sports performance or prevent sports injuries.

Therapeutic exercises for chronic pain

We provide kinesiology treatment in Abbotsford to help people recover from workplace injuries or any sort of chronic pain. Our kinesiologists assess your physical function and design a customized exercise program accordingly. We detect abnormalities in your body mechanics and guide you to restore mobility in the affected areas.

Lifestyle changes for good health

Our physiotherapy clinic is the right place to be if you need relief from chronic diseases or physical injuries. We provide patient-centric kinesiology in Abbotsford to enhance your lives. Our kinesiologists guide you through the lifestyle changes required to recover from arthritis, osteoporosis, traumatic brain injury and other conditions involving pain and discomfort.

Active health for seniors

Our kinesiologists are skilled at treating older adults who are suffering from muscle stiffness and joint pain. Opt for our kinesiology in Abbotsford to restore your strength, energy, mobility and balance. Whether you want to walk long distances or spend quality time with grandkids, our kinesiologists have got your back.

All in all, our kinesiologists help you return to your pre-injury lifestyle. The techniques are top-notch and painless. The team of kinesiologists is experienced and skilled at what they do. So, what are you waiting for? Consult with us if you are looking for kinesiology in Abbotsford.

“Do You Provide Kinesiology Near Me in Abbotsford?”

Yes, we do.

You don’t have to hesitate to call us if you need kinesiology near Abbotsford. We listen to your concerns or health goals and prescribe an exercise program accordingly. The next time you hear anyone say ‘where can I find kinesiology near me in Abbotsford?’, recommend us to them.

Our kinesiologists assess your strength, posture and range of motion first. We create an exercise program depending on your health goals and what your body needs to recover completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is better kinesiology or physiotherapy? 

Kinesiology is for people who want to improve their muscle strength and imbalances. Physiotherapy helps you improve the overall health and promotes fitness. Several physiotherapy clinics provide kinesiology treatment as well. So, you can consult with your physiotherapist before opting for kinesiology.

  1. What do kinesiologists do?

Kinesiologists assess your injury or muscle health and prepares an exercise regime accordingly. They work with people of all ages and conditions to improve their strength and mobility.

  1. What conditions do kinesiologists treat?

Kinesiologists go through rigorous training to treat a wide range of conditions that affect your range of motion and muscle strength. Whether you are suffering from back injury or want to recover after an injury, a kinesiologist can help.

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