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14th Apr

What are the Back Pain Treatment Options Without Surgery?

Back pain may not always occur with old age. 

Sports injuries, workplace accidents and musculoskeletal injuries are some of the common causes of back pain. 

80% of adults experience chronic back pain at some point in their life. 

Surgeries may not always be the answer. 

Alternatives like physiotherapy or chiropractic care can also relieve back pain. So, let’s check out the most effective back pain treatment options that can help you recover efficiently. 

Different Back Pain Treatment Options | Surgery Alternatives

The human spine is a complex structure. But, it has a strong impact on the way we function every day. Thus, the slightest misalignment in the spine can cause excruciating pain. Surgeries, however, are not always mandatory to get relief. 

Without further delay, let’s check out the different back pain treatment options you can opt for without surgeries. 


Physiotherapy is one of the most common back pain treatment options. It is safe and painless. The best thing about physiotherapy is it embraces a holistic approach to relieve the condition. 

What does that mean? 

That means physiotherapy involves hands-on techniques to reduce your pain. 

How does physiotherapy work on your back pain? 

  • Advice and education 

The physiotherapist listens to your health problems. They then educate you about the potential causes and treatments for your back pain. 

  • Mobilization techniques 

It is a misconception that you shouldn’t move when your back hurts. You should move to some extent despite the pain to restore mobility gradually. Physiotherapists help you return to full function through specific mobilization techniques. 

  • Physiotherapy exercises and stretches 

Physiotherapists focus on rebuilding your muscle strength and flexibility. Thus, they may prescribe specific muscle strengthening and stretching exercises depending on your condition. 

You can type “physiotherapy clinics near me” online and look for the options available near you. 

Chiropractic care

Both physiotherapy and chiropractic care focuses on restoring your good health and well-being. 

Yet, there is a thin line between the two disciplines. 

A chiropractor specializes in spinal manipulation. They go through years of education and training to learn how to use their hands to adjust the spine. 

What does a typical chiropractic treatment consist of?

  • Spinal manipulation/chiropractic adjustment 

Chiropractors apply specific spinal manipulation techniques to put your spine in optimal alignment. They focus on improving your functionality, and range of motion and reducing nerve irritability. 

  • Mobilization 

Back pain makes movement very difficult. Thus, the chiropractor helps you restore your mobility through mobilization techniques. 

The goal of chiropractic care depends on the severity of your pain. So, share your health concerns with the chiropractor before the treatment begins. 

Posture Correction

A poor posture often leads to chronic back pain. 

Thus, posture correction might be the first step toward treating back pain effectively. 

You can use ergonomic devices that support your spine. Talk to your physiotherapist or chiropractor to learn the basic posture correction techniques

Wrapping Up,

So, is it possible to treat back pain without surgery?

You don’t always need surgeries to get long-term back pain relief. The above-mentioned approaches also work wonders when it comes to treating back pain. 

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