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Trusted Tennis Elbow Injury /Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment Clinic in Surrey

In Surrey, our clinic specializes in providing comprehensive treatment for tennis elbow, catering to the distinct needs of each individual. With a dedicated team of professionals, we conduct thorough assessments to precisely diagnose the condition, allowing for personalized treatment plans. Our approach involves a combination of targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and ergonomic guidance to alleviate pain and restore functionality in the affected elbow. Beyond immediate relief, we emphasize addressing the underlying cause to prevent reoccurrence and promote long-term elbow health. Through patient education and empowerment, we aim not only to alleviate discomfort but also equip individuals with strategies for self-management and prevention of tennis elbow in Surrey.

What Causes Tennis Elbow Treatment?

Tennis elbow, also called lateral epicondylitis in medical terms, happens when the muscles in the wrist are overused or moved in the same way over and over again. This causes small tears in the tendons that connect to the outside of the elbow. People who play sports like tennis or work in other jobs that require them to grip something over and over, twist their wrists, or use their forearm muscles too much can develop this condition. Bad skill during activities, sudden increases in activity levels, or not enough rest can also make the problem worse. Repetitive gripping activities.

  • Excessive use of forearm muscles.
  • Sports involving repetitive wrist movements.
  • Poor technique during physical activities.
  • Sudden increases in activity intensity.
  • Inadequate rest periods during activities.
  • Muscle imbalances in the forearm.
  • Overuse of forearm tendons.

All of these things put stress on the tendons, which leads to inflammation and pain and soreness on the outside of the elbow. The goal of treating tennis elbow is to reduce swelling, ease pain, and speed up the healing process. This is done by combining rest, therapeutic movements, and methods that target muscle imbalances or overuse that are causing the condition.

When to Get Tennis Elbow Injury /Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment in Surrey?

  • Persistent Elbow Pain: If you have pain on the outside of your elbow that won’t go away, especially during or after activities, you should see a doctor to get an evaluation and treatment.
  • Tenderness on Elbow Bony Prominence: If the hard bump on the outside of the elbow hurts, it means you need to get treatment to ease your pain.
  • Weakness in Grip or Forearm: If your grip strength or forearm function is noticeably weak, this means that muscles are involved and you need to get help to get better.
  • Difficulty Performing Routine Activities: When elbow pain makes it hard to do everyday things, it’s time to get help to get back to normal.
  • Worsening Pain over Time: If your tennis elbow symptoms get worse over time, you need to get help right away to make things better.
  • Inability to Relieve Symptoms with Home Remedies: If home remedies don’t help ease your symptoms, getting care can help with specific issues.
  • Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow by a Healthcare Professional: Once you are told you have tennis elbow, you need to start treatment right away for the best management and healing.
  • Discomfort Affecting Work or Sports Performance: If tennis elbow symptoms get in the way of your work or sports, getting treatment can help you get back to normal and ease your pain.
  • Concerns or Uncertainty about Elbow Condition: If you have any doubts, concerns, or questions about elbow pain, you should talk to a therapist in Surrey to get a good diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Functional Limitations Impacting Daily Activities: If tennis elbow problems make it hard to do daily tasks or make you less productive at work, getting treatment can help you get back to normal and feel better.
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: After surgery for tennis elbow, treatment is very important for proper rehabilitation, which helps with recovery and getting the arm to work normally again.

How can Physiotherapy in Surrey Relieve Tennis Elbow Treatment?

  • Exercise Prescription: specific exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles in the wrist, which helps the body heal and puts less stress on the elbow.
  • Manual Therapy Techniques: Massages and other forms of treatment can help muscles become more flexible and ease pain in the affected area.
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Modifications: Changes that should be made to the workspace or to the way you do things to make the elbow less stressed.
  • Bracing or Taping: Braces or taping techniques are used to support and protect the afflicted elbow during movement.
  • Ultrasound or Laser Therapy: Therapeutic methods, such as ultrasound or low-level laser treatment, to help tissues heal and ease pain.
  • Education on Activity Modification: Advice on how to change your actions so that they don’t make your symptoms worse and help you heal.
  • Strengthening of Adjacent Muscle Groups: By working out muscles nearby, you can take stress off of the injured area and speed up the healing process overall.
  • Gradual Return to Activities: Controlled resumption of activities to keep the elbow from getting too tired and to help it heal safely.

Why Choose Legend Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow Injury /Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment in Surrey?

Legend Physiotherapy in Surrey is the best place to get treatment for tennis elbow because they are dedicated to providing individualized care and have a lot of experience dealing with complicated musculoskeletal problems. Legend Physiotherapy has a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in treating elbow injuries. They offer a complete method to tennis elbow therapy. Their exact tests make sure that the diagnosis is correct, which lets them make treatment plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each person. They use cutting edge methods like prescribing exercises, manual therapies, and changes to the way things are set up to focus on pain relief, muscle strengthening, and improving the elbow’s general functionality. In addition to putting the patient first, they teach people how to handle their own problems, giving them the power to take an active role in their rehabilitation. Legend Physiotherapy is still one of the most trusted and skilled places in Surrey to treat tennis elbow injuries because they are dedicated to providing excellent care and helping patients heal fully.

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