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Top-Rated ICBC Physiotherapy in Surrey – Get Expert Care Today!

Welcome to the Prestigious ICBC Physiotherapy Clinic located in Surrey, we bring up an excellent range of physiotherapy services including ICBC. We are utilizing modern techniques & advanced technologies to help you recover accidental injury, and stiffness, reduce pain & improve your strength as well as mobility.

We have certified & experienced ICBC physiotherapists in Surrey, they are passionate about helping our patients & recovering from any critical injury or pain. We have an excellent track record of delivering results and getting amazing reviews & ratings from our ex-patients. We apply various methodology that is based on understanding the actual needs of the individual and providing personalized treatment plans to achieve specific goals.

Being a top-notch ICBC physio clinic in Surrey, we are dedicated to delivering a high level of treatment, care & service.

Methodology to Treat After an Accident

  • After a crash, you will be able to claim your report to ICBC
  • Choose your healthcare provider as per your choice.
  • The provider will share your treatment plan after the assessment.
  • Take the treatment.
  • The provider ICBC bills will share the treatment cost.
  • You can claim the returns to usual activities.

How Do I Start My First ICBC Appointment with an ICBC physiotherapist in Surrey?

You must come early &bring your claim documents or other related information to your initial appointment so the clinic can directly claim the ICBC bill for your first visit. Our physiotherapist is based on a different pattern and initially, it conducts an examination to find your injuries & create a personalized treatment plan.

What Treatment Will Cover Under ICBC Physio Clinic Surrey?

Type of Practitioner & Treatment Type

Number of Treatment



Registered Message Therapist






Clinical Consultation




Are There Additional ICBC Physiotherapy Sessions?

As per the rules, for the first 90 days from the date of your accident, ICBC will pay the cover of your treatment. If you need any additional treatment, you must connect with your physiotherapist and he/she will submit the treatment further report or update.

After submission of the further treatment report, your ICBC will approve on behalf of the report and you will be eligible for the additional sessions. We try to give our best to prevent a treatment as per the given period or cycle. Also, we save you time to submit treatment plan requests as early as possible.

What About the Wide Range of ICBC Physiotherapy?

  • Manual Therapies – It covers joint manipulation & soft tissue mobilization and generates active release techniques.
  • Exercise Programmers – It treats muscle strengthening and improves the actual functional movement goals.
  • Electrotherapy Techniques – This helps to improve the local blood circulation, reeducation via electronic muscle stimulation, and maintain & increase the number of motions.
  • Dry Needling – It resolves musculoskeletal pain & movement issues and also, gives relief from pain & spasms.
  • Kinesiology Taping – Using this therapy, reduces inflammation & swelling and supports muscles & joints.

Why Choose Legend Physiotherapy ICBC Treatment?

Our highly skilled & certified ICBC practitioners will assist you with ICBC treatment plans to monitor & return to well-being. We have plenty of clinics in major & comfortable locations in Surrey like South Surrey, North Vancouver, Richmond, Steveston, and White Rock.

Moreover, we are authorized to direct invoices to ICBC & generate a pain-free return to your daily activities.

What You Can Expect from ICBC Physiotherapy Surrey?

It will always depend on the level or stage of the injury but, after completion of the treatment, the patient will get numerous benefits such as:

  • Increase the motion & mobilization without any pain.
  • Improvement in coordination & balance.
  • Increase the functionality
  • Kickstart the previous activities & many more things.

What is the method to Book an Appointment for ICBC physiotherapy surrey?

  • Any person can book an Appointment via Online or Phone or Live Chat Assistance
  • For Virtual Appointment, just fill out the application form or you can dial the mentioned helpline number and speak to our front desk representative.
  • For Live Chat Assistance, just answer the Frequent Asked Questions and your appointment will be booked.
  • After booking a session, you will get an email to your email address.


1. If I Have an ICBC Claim, Do I Pay for Physiotherapy Treatment Fees?

No, if you have ICBC then, you don’t need to pay anything, you must claim your bills directly from the insurance company.

2. How Long Would the Treatment Sessions?

From the primary level, it will take around 45 to 60 minutes & subsequent sessions can take 30 to 45 minutes Also, it will depend on the complexity or injury.

3. How Many Treatments Will Involve in ICBC Physiotherapy?

After completing the primary examination & assessment, your physiotherapist can tell you about the number of sessions required to treat.

4. What Are the Costs of ICBC Physiotherapy?

It will vary on multiple factors such as the level of the treatment, type of the treatment, depending on the sessions, virtual or in-person sessions, and many more.

Generally, we take 129 CAD dollars for initial sessions & 82 CAD dollars for the follow-up sessions.

5. Is a Discharge or Final Treatment Report Required to Claim for ICBC Physio Clinic Surrey?

Yes, the physiotherapist will submit the discharge report to the ICBC provider where the patient can claim.

6. How long will take for the ICBC physiotherapy Clinic appointment?

You may book your appointment via phone or online. Using the online method, you need to fill out the application form for the first appointment.

7. How Do I Check the Eligibility for The ICBC Auto Insurance Advantage?

Before visiting please shares your full name, date of birth & claim number so, you will get the eligibility information.

8. What Is Direct Billing?

Direct billing covers all the major insurance and the patient doesn’t need to pay from pocket & dealing with complicated paperwork.


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