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Concussion Treatment in Langley: From A Certified Assessment Clinic

When the brain is jostled inside the skull, a partial traumatic brain injury is hit to the head via accident or sudden fall. This entire thing can harm the vessels as well as the cells of the brain. The signs and symptoms of concussion are very complicated and diverse and it will not show up clearly but, the patient can feel headache, dizziness, visual impact, nausea, disorientation, sensitivity from the light and many more things.

In those cases, a person must avail the medical treatment at Concussion Therapy Langley. We are the highly trusted concussion clinic in Langley. We aim to assist you in achieving optimal wellness with the highly effective and secure treatment of the concussion. We have the best assessment techniques to resolve concussions through session-based treatment.

Common Symptoms of the Concussion:

Traumatic brain injury is also known as the head struck, startled or bumped, or. Concussions may occur due to vehicle accidents, Sports-related injuries or other kinds of head trauma.

Here are some common concussion symptoms:

  • Stage 1 Symptoms: If you are getting some mild symptoms of the concussion such as difficulty with vision, memory loss, sleeping problems or focus or concentration.
  • Stage 2 Symptoms: Stage 2 is defined after applying deep assessment on the previous patient but, concussion symptoms are not fixed and it isn’t visible in an immediate manner.

Various people can see some changes such as an increase in the amount of irritation, problems with the senses and taste, vision issues, headache and sometimes, the patient faces dizziness.

  • Stage 3 Symptoms: The stage three symptoms of concussion can differ from person to person. Some people can experience dark symptoms of the concussion such as being prone to feeling sick, having difficulty with vision, and trouble sleeping.

Therefore, concussion is subject of the investigation and analysis and for better assessment; the person must contact Concussion Treatment in Langley and get better assistance to resolve concussion by a highly professional and experienced physiotherapist’s team.

How Concussion Therapy Langley Can Help?

As you understand, the symptoms of the concussion come with a huge amount of discomfort. Also, the concussion doesn’t show on MRI or CT scan or other diagnosis but, the patient can see the symptoms on their body. It is better to resolve by a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist. Because the patient must achieve their muscle training activities and other physical exercises. Recovering from any traumatic injury takes some time and patience.

At Legend Physiotherapy & Rehab, we have an excellent team of concussion physiotherapists and they are certified and experienced and provide the best possible treatment after applying deep assessment. We are offering evidence-based concussion treatment through various sessions. Our comprehensive treatment plan includes all the dimensions such as:

  • Vision, exception testing.
  • Spine adjustment therapy
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Baseline training and testing and many more things.

What To Do If You Have a Concussion?

If you are suffering from a concussion and getting plenty of symptoms such as memory loss issues, confusion, vision problems, headaches and vertigo.

You must seek immediate assistance and you must avail the Concussion Treatment in Langley. Under Concussion therapy, you will be directly introduced to an experienced and enthusiastic physiotherapist who will provide you with a physical examination and also, recommend diagnostic testing.

As per the assessment, the physiotherapist will start the concussion treatment sessions with various mental exercises.

When Should You Seek Medical Assistance For Concussion?

If you have any type of post-brain injury that is called concussion and it can happen when you have shaken, headaches, confusion, vertigo, struck and unconsciousness. Sometimes, the patient can feel very discomfort. To heal this major issue, you must avail of Concussion Therapy in Langley.

If you are feeling a loss of control, headache, weakness, vomiting, slurred speech, behavior changes, seizures, sleekness, confusion, vision problems and pain in your arms or legs. These symptoms indicate a serious concussion injury.

You must join Concussion treatment in Langley where you can avail the best class concussion therapy such as specific stretches, eye motion training and targeted massage. Using the best therapy, you can heal your concussion problem and reduce the amount of symptoms.

We start the customized session with our highly skilled physiotherapist who can contribute the best management of concussion therapy after deep examination. We bring up different concussion therapy Langley plans that can easily heal your concussion problem Such as:

  • Improve the vision capability through vision therapy
  • Increase the vestibular integration via visual therapy
  • Generate the core stamina by the core stability training.
  • Support for the work-life balance by the various exercises.

We try to offer the best possible treatment for concussions and our primary pattern is to provide pre-session testing and also, provides various diagnoses. We have unique techniques and tricks to heal concussions and we help patients to improve their work-life by learning, working and playing.

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