We have all heard of Registered Massage Therapy and the benefits for our bodies
and minds. But have you heard of Manual Lymphatic Massage?

Manual lymphatic massage is a specialized hand technique that consists of very gentle and rhythmic movements. Each stroke slightly moves the skin in the direction of the lymphatic flow to encourage the drainage of fluid and waste. Waste? Yes, waste. Think of the lymph vessels throughout our body like a gutter system. These lymph vessels collect fluid in the body turning it into lymph fluid. These vessels trap any particles in the fluid that are too large to go through the bloodstreams such as dead cells, proteins, chemicals, tattoo ink, dust, and other

Lymphatic massage can treat a variety of conditions, some of which include:
– Bronchitis
– Sprain and strains
– Seasonal allergies
– Migraines
– Bloating
– Sinusitis
– Migraines
– Constipation
– Burns
– Scars
– Acne
– Psoriasis
– Pre and post-surgery care
– Whiplash
– Fibromyalgia
– Bell’s Palsy
– Carpal tunnel

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