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14th Apr

How Can Your Feet Cause Back Pain?

What would happen if you hurt your foot? You would lose your balance and struggle to stand. Right? The feet are the foundation for the rest of your body. If they are not functioning properly, that could affect your ankles, knees, spine, neck and even shoulders. So, yes, your feet might cause pain in the back. 

How do Feet Cause Back Pain? 

Everything in your body is connected. Thus, if your back is aching, chances are the problem is in your feet. There can be a foot deformity, foot posture problem or an injury that’s triggering the pain. Here’s how your feet might be responsible for back pain. 

  • Specific foot postures 

Your foot posture can contribute to your back pain. Here are some foot postures that needs correction: 

  • Low arch foot type 

This type of arch collapses inwards, thereby increasing the curve and stress in your lower back. Hence, you experience lower back pain and fatigue after standing on your feet for a long time or exercising. 

  • High arch foot type 

This type of foot isn’t capable of shock absorption. That means the shock may travel all the way to your lower back if the foot doesn’t absorb it. 

  • Foot pain 

Do your feet hurt? Foot pain can be one of the causes of back pain. We tend to limp or walk on one foot to avoid the pain. These unnatural walking patterns cause stress, pain and tightness in various areas of your body, such as the lower back, calf muscles, hips and knees. All you have to do is visit a physiotherapy clinic and get the foot pain checked. Everything else, including back pain, is sorted once the physiotherapist addresses it. 

  • Biomechanical issues 

  A bad posture or inconsistent length of legs can cause pain in the back. These factors can cause an abnormal curvature of your lower back. The posture puts a lot of pressure on your knees and hips, which causes excruciating back pain.  

  • Shoes 

There are specific types of shoes that can cause back pain. High heels, for instance, provide little support but a lot of stress on your back. Also, high heels can affect your posture and cause pain in the joints and back. If you have foot problems, you should go for custom foot orthotics that will help you manage them. 

  • Sciatica 

The sciatic nerve begins at the base of the spine and extends downward to the feet near the toes. It travels through the buttocks, legs and hips. The sciatic nerve is affected as our lumbar spine deteriorates as we age. You are most likely to experience pain, weakness, muscle spasms, tingling and more if the sciatic nerve is affected. 

You are not the only one struggling with back pain. Thousands of people complain of the same every day. Feet are often the main cause of back pain. So, the next time you are having back problems, do not hesitate to get your feet checked at a physiotherapy clinic near you. 

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