Weight loss is normally the first thing most think of when we think of the benefits
of exercise. And definitely weight loss is a huge benefit to getting active BUT did
you know that physical activity can cure a lot of ailments/issues a lot of us suffer


Did you know that regular exercise can help with arthritis pain? Regular exercise,
and that includes walking and water aerobics can help by:

– Aids in replenishing lubrication to the cartilage of the affected joints and
which, in turn, reduces stiffness and pain
– Help keep the muscles around the affected joints strong
– Exercise aids in decreasing bone loss and can help control joint pain and
– As you exercise you are toning your muscles which help support the joints
affected by arthritis
– Exercise helps combat fatigue which is an unfortunate side effect of arthritic


The heart – what an amazing organ. Help it serve you better with exercise. The
benefits include:

– Improved circulation
– Increased blood flow to raise and regulate oxygen levels
– Decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
– Lowers blood pressure
– Reduces stress